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Published July 20, 2016

Rappers these days come and go like the seasons. Most the time it’s because they produce fast food music. It’s hot for three months, but it lacks substance and leads to their downfall. Some artist have found a way of escaping irrelevancy through social media. Rapper Plies has used Instagram & Twitter to show the world his comedic side. That’s brought attention to him and allowed him to reheat his career.

His latest hilarious rant (video below) is an example of what I’m talking about. Plies posted a video to social media declaring war on the wildly popular app Pokemon Go. Apparently, a wild Pokemon appeared while he was getting “intimate” with his lady and he’s upset. His solution? To pull out his phone and declared war on all Pokemon, but can he win the war is the question?

Find out on the next episode of southern rappers say the darndest things.

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