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Published May 28, 2015

Sony Global CEO, Andrew House, stated during an investors day that PlayStation 4 first party games are “sparse” this year. He also stated that the PlayStation Vita, and the PlayStation TV has been regulated to legacy status.

In tech business terms, legacy means that it is no longer a major focus of the company, and signals a possible slowdown of hardware production of said products. This does not mark the end of the Vita as Mr. House did state the system is selling well in Asia – specifically Japan. The PlayStation TV though is not doing well, and production may be slowed down for that machine.

When it comes to first party PlayStation 4 titles; Mr. House admitted that this year is a bit sparse, but they plan to make more deals with third party developers. This may mean more exclusives like Bloodborne, or specific deals in relation to DLC coming to the PlayStation 4 first.

If you own a PlayStation 4; does the lack of first party titles bother you, and how long do you think the Vita/TV will be supported? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.


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