Pimp Your Ride Like Xzibit In Mafia 3’s Latest Update

  • it’s too late they should have put this in when the game came out

  • I would still be playing this if the damn game hadn’t deleted all my progress, all probably go back to it eventually, but not anytime soon.

  • Wasn’t this game shitted on by everyone ? Is pimping rides gonna fix alleged bad story and repetetive gameplay ?

    • Story of this game is fantastic. Gameplay is rather bad tho

    • Story of this game is fantastic. Gameplay is rather bad tho

    • Moor

      I heard this had one of the best stories in a long time

    • There’s a Drake reference here, but i’m gonna let it slide. Personally i like the story, but lot of people like Yahtzee who’s opinion i respect a lot said it was an average revenge story and i saw a lot of people agreeing with him. That’s why i said it, that most people didn’t like this game that much and i don’t think playing Xzibit was on anyone’s wishlist.

    • The games story was as good as it can get and presentation was undeniably good but Yea the gameplay was far too repetitive in terms of how to progress the story it needed more content in that content and on release it was missing a few things even mafia 2 had

    • So why exactly did you like about the story, what made it different than another revenge story ?

  • Chris R.

  • Fred “TGIF” Reid

    not going to mean a damn thing if they haven’t fixed the glitches and optimization…Finished this game for the story, wanted to stop playing several times because of the gameplay glitches…