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Published June 25, 2015

The fans of the persona series love the slight nods to mythology in the games. Persona 4’s protagonists all had persona that were from Japanese mythology, persona 3’s were from Greek mythology, but 1 and 2’s were mixed between Japanese, Roman and Greek figures. I awoke to news that a secret trailer from person 5 leaked; essentially it’s the latest trailer with what might be some substantial plot details and game play.

The trailer is in Japanese but you’ll get some game play and a close up on this iterations persona summoning mechanic. The content was quickly pulled off of YouTube but thankfully I have a backup link.

At the end of the trailer the persona 5 site was there and I did my own analysis to find the characters persona. According to some translated text from the site the protagonist persona is Arsene.


Arsene or Arsene Lupin is a fictional master thief and master of disguise created by author Maurice Leblanc but made known to us by the anime lupin the III. This goes well with the new persona’s theme of restraint and imprisonment, but are you disappointed that the character isn’t a mythological figure?… Well it drops around the holiday of this year

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