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Published February 17, 2017

In you’re going to either love or hate this news; Epic Games revealed their new Paragon hero yesterday. Her name is Shinbi & she’s a one part assassin, one part K-pop Star. Judging by the trailer I’m willing she has a thing for Kwang. She can be found gyrating all over him in the trailer.

The five words Epic used to describe her play style is Assassin, Burst, Ganker, Elusive & Sieger. Her kit includes the option to summon a wolf that will attack in a straight line for high damage, a double dash, an AOE that deals damage to enemies while heals you & her ultimate involves shooting big purple hearts at people with wolf stacks. She’ll be playable in the uFebruary February 21st patch.

I still don’t see anything about a tower buff, though. I guess my Paragon hiatus will be moving into the three-month range?

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