Paragon’s BIGGEST Update “Monolith” Is Here!

  • FuutonNinja

    Thanks for the patch notes. Gotta take a look at these soon.

  • for some reason I hate this game. I played it for like a week and I hated it

  • Dwings

    Yea I hope this fixes the game just a little I had to stop after I was junglinng with Kahamera and I had less card point then someone with only 4 kills by the 10 minute mark

  • TiciTotyTony47

    This is gonna be interesting ima have to rework my card decks. 😃

  • supaloudkano

    ill definatly give it another try. the game was really slow to me before so if there willing to make a big update im willing to atleast see what they took the time to work on