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Published April 24, 2017

Finally, after almost an entire year we get a ranged AD carry! It’s almost April, so I was about to be blowing up Arctyc’s twitter if they didn’t bring us the hero we’ve been asking for after the countless melee heroes.

Revenant is all about dealing high damage and isolating his enemies to collect bounties. As he collects bounties, he gets extra card power which can make him one of the strongest heroes on Monolith if you play him right. His ultimate is especially interesting as he has a one on one, uninterrupted duel with whoever he takes into his netherealm.

I thought that Morigesh was the game changer for Paragon, but Revenant will surely be the most popular ranged AD carry for Paragon for awhile. Take a look at the video overview of the new hero.

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