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Published December 12, 2015

Paragon a third person MOBA created by Epic games is now a PS4 console exclusive. Sorry Xbox One Owners.  Paragon will be cross play compatible with PC.  Paragon will be the 1st MOBA on the PS4 and the Beta will be starting early January 2016.  Paragon is not a hybrid. It is clearly and faithfully a MOBA, brought to life with explosive action.

ParagonCP3 ParagonCP5

So what make Paragon so different from other MOBA’s?  Well lets start the facts! Paragon is being created on one of the most sought after game engines Unreal Engine 4.  So you know everything is going to look as realistic as possible. Eye Candy Galore!  I mean look at these screen shots.

ParagonCP2 ParagonCP ParagonCP6  ParagonCP7 ParagonCP8 ParagonCP9 ParagonCP10

Paragon is mixing in a competitive playing card element. Players will be able to earn cards through play to build and upgrade decks of cards. The cards will unlock different combinations of gameplay strategies for the different heroes that will be available.


Paragon Creative Director Steve Superville explains the game, how the PS4 version is not just a different port, and how cross-play will be supported in a post on the PlayStation Blog.

“Paragon has been a passion project in development at Epic for the last two years, and it’s great to finally be able to share it with you. When it comes to competitive multiplayer games there’s nothing quite like MOBAs.

They combine player skill with strategic creativity and telepathic team play. The resulting team fights, unspoken coordination, and clever ganks are a huge rush, and keep players coming back.


With years of experience creating beautiful and immersive action games, we knew we had something fresh to bring to the MOBA genre. In Paragon, we put you in the middle of the action with direct control over your hero. At the same time, we made the decision to preserve what makes MOBAs great. Paragon is not a hybrid. It is clearly and faithfully a MOBA, brought to life with explosive action.


Console development is in Epic’s DNA, so we set out to create a great experience for PlayStation gamers. This is not a port. The gameplay feels great on DualShock 4. Cross-play between PS4 and PC is seamless and the game saves your progress and items across both platforms.”

One of the Key things that really had my attention was the fact that all your progression from PS4 to PC and vice versa will be saved on both platforms and the fact that the PS4 is not a port, but tailor built for the PS4 system.  Epic is really taking their time with this game to make sure Paragon is a hit.

Sign up for the Paragon Beta here

So holla at me in the comments and let me know that you think about Paragon being a PS4 console exclusive and Cross play


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