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Published September 6, 2019

Every time I look around, the Nintendo Switch gets some more third party love. This news was originally rumored, but now it’s official that the class-based shooter from Blizzard Overwatch is coming to the Switch on October 15th according to our source.

One unique feature to the Nintendo Switch version is the addition of motion controls (don’t worry they’re optional). The game will run at 30fps 900p (if docked) and 720p if undocked. The team wanted to focus on making the gameplay smooth. The same competitive modes and other content like the Halloween event will most likely launch at the same time as the other platforms. The same goes for any Overwatch updates. One thing that will not be there at launch is a cross-platform progression and cross-play. So far they’re technical problems.

If you own a Nintendo Switch, are you intrigued to be able to play Overwatch on the go? If so, October 15th marks the date when the game will be available for you.

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  1. So we need constant WiFi connection and paid member ship. Correct ?

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