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Published April 19, 2017

Digital sales are on the rise. This is in part because most triple A games are available┬áto download at midnight on their release date. Traditional brick and mortar stores like Gamestop are financially struggling because of it. I don’t see this trend slowing down anytime soon.

You know what I do see slowing down? Peoples Playstation 4’s when their hard drives fill up. You can go and purchase an external hard drive for your PS4, but that’s never any fun. It defeats the purpose of the plug and play experience. Thank God Sony is finally offering something to North America customers that replaces that wimpy 500GB PS4 model.

The one terabyte model PS4 Slim has come to North America. According to our snitch, this model is the new standard. I’m not sure if that means we’ll see a price drop in the remaining 500GB models, but what I do know is this new model will retail for $300. So if you’ve been holding out on purchasing a PS4; why not now? If you need a game recommendation try out Nier: Automata. There’s some gameplay below.


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