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Published November 17, 2018

Big News One Piece fans! One Piece World Seeker is set to be released March 15th, 2019 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC, and is available for preorder now. This news was released by Bandai Namco along with an in-depth 5 minute trailer showcasing what the game is going to be all about.

    They show us everything from Luffy traversing through the island with his devil fruit power, to the new, in-depth haki system that we have never seen before in a One Piece game, and so much more. The haki feature has me the most excited, where in other One Piece games haki would just give an attack boost and speed boost. In World Seeker you get to use Armament haki (attack and defense boost, but slows you down) and Observation Haki ( slow down time and see through walls).

    As you can see I am very excited for this game being the lone One Piece fan in the group but the real question is are you?

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