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Published May 30, 2015

Came across an interesting looking Inline skating game while searching the net. I remember inline skating having some games during the PlayStation era during the Tony Hawk hype, but it died down after that. On A Roll looks to bring it back. They describe this game as

“On a Roll is a next generation rollerblading video game where the player’s main activity consists of performing creative tricks on rollerblades. The player is free to explore an expansive city full of both street and skatepark obstacles. The game strives for realism, intuitive/organic controls and stunning graphics.”

I like the level design and the lighting effects, but the animations look stiff. That being said this is clearly pre-alpha footage, so things could improve. Might have to reach out to the devs for an interview. I’m interested in this one. If you want to see this game make it to steam, then click here to vote.

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