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Published February 26, 2017

Game company V7 Entertainment has the vision to bring the excitement of hockey back to video games. Old Time Hockey is the spawn of such vision, and it looks very brutal!

A trailer released showcasing the game mechanics as well as the release date of March 28th. One of the unique things about this game are the control schemes which feature a “beer mode” that allows you to play with one hand.

The game features a league mode, regular arcade mode, and a story mode that follows the story of a struggling team in the Bush Hockey league.

Enjoy the old school cell shaded style, the fights that range from stick fighting to hand to hand combat, and blood..lots and lots of blood!

The game will be coming to PC and PS4 first. The company also announced the possibility of coming to the Xbox One and Nintendo Switch in the near future. Check out the newest trailer below.

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