Oculus Rift Ships 2016

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  1.' Silver Joystix says:

    It’s Friday night and I’m chilling in front of my computer checking out the new website. The layout is slick and much easier to navigate through than before. I’m happy to see someone talking about the Oculus Rift.

    This machine has been mentioned constantly throughout 2014/15 and I thought the acquisition of Oculus by Facebook would hasten its release. But it still seems like a commercially approved version has yet to been finalized.

    One thing no one is really talking about is how these devices will be used once they are released. While it is a little too early to jump into a large discussion now, my thought is that these devices will revolutionize the way people receive and digest adult videos and websites.

    Without getting explicit, this will add an entirely layer of sensory experiences that may eventually lead to a partial degeneration of society. It won’t happen over night, but it will happen. I’m thinking around 2018-19, we are going to have serious discussions surrounding ethics and their application to Virtual Reality devices and games.

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