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Published May 9, 2016

On the call of duty youtube channel, their infinite warfare reveal trailer has received over 1 million dislikes in less than a week. Many of those coming from hardcore COD fans that are firmly against the space format that has become more like HALO than Call Of Duty. I’ve heard people say that they wanted a more conventional COD game with boots on the ground and a more modern combat structure, instead they are given a futuristic aspect which has people up in arms. Infinity Ward is positive that people will enjoy the game but I for one think otherwise. Black Ops III is a solid title but the two games prior(Ghosts and Advanced Warfare) to it was not very enjoyable. The only saving grace to the game release appears to be the remaster of the original Modern Warfare. This will be part of an optional bundle with the original game for a price tag of $79. The only catch is that you CAN NOT buy the remaster separate which means it will probably be the most popular purchase of the 3 versions sold. I’m already predicting many will get the game, download the COD4 and trade in the Infinite Warfare to gamestop for some sort of recoup of their purchase. In closing, seeing all of those dislikes on a video is one thing but it’s all but certain that those same people will buy the game anyway because they just can’t help themselves and will use getting COD4 as an excuse to justify their purchase.

Here’s the video: 


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