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Published April 17, 2020

FGC competitor Noble Knomad is known amongst the Gi boys as the toughest at the BBQ. That is until I decided I want to learn a fighting game and start trolling him. His defeats often lead to hilarious rage quits, memes and stank faces. Knomad isn’t often right, but when he is it’s for all the wrong reasons. Mr. Noble proclaimed that Jump Force was a 6-month game.

Here we are a year later and nobody plays it, but Bandai Namco is still releasing content for Jump Force. So I guess Knomad was TECHICANALLY right. My Hero’s Todoroki has joined the Jump Force roster a year later. Here’s a brief trailer of his simple combos and four special moves like every other character in this mediocre game. Feel free to tweet @Noble_Knomad and remind him he needs to stream more of this quality product on Twitch! 

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    1. @Mr_iKeepitreal 😂😂😂coming from the stream

    2. @Mr_iKeepitreal Lmaooo knomad still owes me for that bet

      •' Knomad

        I don’t Owe you anything

      •' Knomad

        You should come to my stream

    3. @Mr_iKeepitreal Dudes gonna be needlessly oiled up and bug eyes, like Yugi. Dude wtf… Lol

    4. @Mr_iKeepitreal this man was dying laughing when he posted this on stream💀

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