No More Team Killing In Rainbow Six Siege?

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  1. Kasim Moore Kasim Moore says:

    Takes away from the strategy now if they do

  2.' Djinnsenng says:

    In many ways this is a long time coming cause teamkilling was a problem from day one. The only thing I’m worried about is how long will the changes be all encompassing. Such as what is the damage threshold for accidents?, Does this threshold stay the same even if my health is low?, Will this reverse friendly fire led to possible bans when it is truly an accident?

    And those are just some of my thoughts from the top. Its a great step to making the game better but will the future variations of the “Reverse Friendly Fire” came fast enough to help the game or hurt it more before they get it just right.

  3. Now I gotta hope I’m not the Teamkiller’s first victim lol

  4. Eldar Dan would it really be seige without TK tho

  5. Jay Beezy Jay Beezy says:

    Finnally tired of the cry baby’s team killing cuz they azz at the game.

  6. Reuben Curtin Symes we are not playing this anymore

  7. No more handing out Ls to Ace?

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