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Published May 8, 2019

Rainbow Six is still going strong in both the competitive and casual world. With typical internet behavior, you will get random teammates who don’t like something you do or say and show their anger by team killing you and essentially throwing the round/match. Ubisoft has been hard at work since launch trying to fix various issues within the community, and with the latest patch, there is now Reverse Friendly Fire for anyone trying to hurt their teammates.

How this works is that if you abuse the friendly fire with the intention of killing your teammates, you will take damage yourself. If you just shoot one or two bullets at your teammate by accident, you will not be penalized because “accidents happen”. The reverse friendly fire applies to all primary and secondary weapons, and with direct hits from most operator gadgets. Explosives have a bug right now that Ubisoft will fix later.

Of course the system will be tweaked based on feedback, so don’t expect this current patch to be the final version. It’s crazy that Rainbow is already in Year 4, Season 2, but the game is still chugging along as a premier shooter.

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  1.' Djinnsenng

    In many ways this is a long time coming cause teamkilling was a problem from day one. The only thing I’m worried about is how long will the changes be all encompassing. Such as what is the damage threshold for accidents?, Does this threshold stay the same even if my health is low?, Will this reverse friendly fire led to possible bans when it is truly an accident?

    And those are just some of my thoughts from the top. Its a great step to making the game better but will the future variations of the “Reverse Friendly Fire” came fast enough to help the game or hurt it more before they get it just right.

  2. Finnally tired of the cry baby’s team killing cuz they azz at the game.

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