No Man’s Death Threats?

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  1.' Hershal Walton says:

    Damn, like I know I’m not interested and I call it #NoMansBuy too, but still, people its a video game!

  2.' Sinnbadd says:

    Lol sources Polygon article. They aren’t a credible source at all and the fact that anyone would take death threats seriously over video games is beyond childish. I wonder how many death threats TBH has gotten (I’m sure a lot just in youtube comments alone). I understand you guys want to stay out of drama but do a little research before hopping on the news bandwagon. Nobody fucks with polygon, Kotaku, or any of their affiliates for a reason.

    1.' Gabe Real Coocoo Tah says:

      Can this nigga read?

  3. Mahmoud Mahmoud says:

    I wonder how a death threat from a gamer works. “Oh my gothd, ifth you don’th geth my game releathed tonith I’ll noobthube you!”

  4.' Johhny Ernst says:

    It’s getting pretty sad that PlayStation players keep doing this. First the voice actress for rise of the tomb raider over it being on Xbox and now this over a delay.. Makes us all look bad.

    *not taking sides, so don’t comment claiming I’m an Xbox fanboy or some crap like that. It’s just sad that the players who claim they’re “more mature” is the same community doing this stupid shit.

    1.' Mike Hollingsworth says:

      I think there’s a segment of the gaming community that are just a bunch of horrible, sad assholes regardless of console/pc loyalty…

    2.' Johhny Ernst says:

      Mike Hollingsworth very true. It’s also a bit sad that it was almost required that I say I wasn’t claiming one side to be better because a lot of people would take it that way..

  5.' TiciTotyTony47 says:

    Forgot this game was coming out ?

  6.' Childish Corbino says:

    As someone who isnt “hyped” about this game, it looks like a decent game, but people are expecting a goty not a indie space game

  7.' Warren Alcantara says:

    I completely forgot this game was coming out ???

  8.' Michael Treiger says:

    “No Man’s Sky is not the PS4’s Star Citizen” So its not a bunch of buggy demos that can barely run on a 980ti and has no release plan? At least No Man’s Sky didn’t take your money yet.

  9. Darth Nigga Darth Nigga says:

    “out some respeck on my game or I keel you…with lvl 13 potions and no health kits either”

  10.' Alejandro Gomez says:

    I bet alot of them are from kids

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