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Published May 29, 2016

No Man’s Sky has been called No Man’s Buy, No Man Flys, etc. All these negatives surrounding a game where a lot of the hopes and promises are fabricated by people trying to justify a purchase. The developer looks like he’s about to crack every time he steps in front of a camera.Yes, there have been so many delays, but it’s time that people get their expectations in check.

No Man’s Sky is not the PS4’s Star Citizen. No Man’s Sky is not the space game to end all space games. No Man’s Sky is simply a space game. The game has made countless appearances. Each time both the developer and the people playing look bored, but that does not mean its a bad game. It is just not the game that everyone caught up in the  hype of what it “could” be, wants.

Now, No Man’s Sky was in fact delayed. It was set to release this month, June 21st. It has been delayed until August. I can understand people being upset, or disappointed because let’s face it, no one likes last minute changes and in the video game industry, that is very last minute.  However, this does not constitute death threats (source). I found about this tweet from our source, and It appears, though Sean Maury played it off jokingly, there were in fact death threats.

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