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Published August 24, 2017

As of today, the Nintendo Switch is pretty hard to find regardless where you go and the #1 place people have gone to purchase one is GameStop. They just reported their earnings for the quarter ending on July 29, 2017. The company had a nice sized boost in sales from the Nintendo console.

GameStop beat out the likes of Amazon and Walmart and as a result, the hardware sales went up nearly 15% being notable with the price drops of the Xbox One and PS4.

Along with the Switch, the collectibles also helped drive up the company’s bottom line, hitting up to $122.5 million with Pokemon and Marvel merchandise being the driving force.

GameStop will also try and get their hands on the SNES Classic Edition in attempt to bring in even more business. If this happens, expect long lines around the corner for only 20 consoles being shipped by Nintendo.

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