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Published April 4, 2017

Another day another example of why you shouldn’t adopt new hardware early unless you’re an influencer providing reviews. Nintendo fans have been complaining on Reddit about a new problem they’ve found with their new console. The Nintendo Switch is changing shape for some owners. The internet is calling this issue “warping.”

Several people have taken to the net reveal that when the Switch is docked, it’s bending. Many speculate that the because the console works harder when docked to output to your TV that that’s causing the problem. Specifically, the heat that the console generates when it’s played in docked mode. The good news is nobody is reporting that it has affected their ability to play their games.

Regardless I think this is a concern. There’s only one game worth playing on that platform (Zelda) and it’s already bending out of shape? Their Switch may still work now, but who’s to say it won’t break down a year from now when more games are out, and it’s being used more? Nintendo has yet to comment on these recent reports. Hopefully, Nintendo will repair people’s consoles if things get worse.

Should be interesting to see how this all plays out.

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