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Published October 19, 2017

Update 4.0.0 is dubbed as a pretty big update for the Nintendo Switch. The previous updates have been very minor, but 4.0.0 has some actual features worth mentioning.

The most notable update adds video capture support and the ability to transfer data to a new system if you please. For the video capture option, you can record the previous 30 seconds. You can also edit the clip and share it to different social media platforms. Keep in mind this feature is only available for certain games at this time: The Legend of Zelda, Splatoon 2, and a few others.

    Other smaller features include:

    • New user icons for Super Mario Odyssey and Zelda
    • Being able to pre-buy and ore-load certain games from the eShop
    • A new look and feel for the News feed
    • Changes to wireless connectivity
    • “Match version with Local Users” option which allows games to update to the latest versions easily

    Ful patch notes are located here

    Let me know if this update is of interest to you. Slowly, but surely Nintendo is making the Nintendo Switch into an actual legit platform.

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