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Published January 25, 2019

It was E3 2017 when Nintendo first announced that Metroid Prime was getting another sequel. With no real update since, Shinya Takahashi, Senior Managing Executive Officer, gave us the news that Metroid Prime 4 is getting scrapped.

    Completely restarting development two years after the initial announcement is tough news to bare. But Nintendo just wasn’t confident in there product so they are going to be teaming up with Retro Studios, the studio behind the original Metroid trilogy. Given how long it usually takes to develop¬† these games, Metroid fans are estimating we won’t be seeing Metroid Prime 4 until 2022. This was one of the bigger Switch titles people were excited for post Smash Bros. Now its looking like we have to pray nothing happens to Bayonetta 3 and this new Pok√©mon game. Let us know how you feel about Metroid Prime starting anew with Retro Studios down below.

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