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Published July 3, 2015

Nintendo’s next gen console codename “NX” was confirmed by the company’s chief executive Satoru Iwata earlier this year. It is now rumored that Nintendo’s next generation console might begin manufacturing in October of this year. That is if thisĀ Taipei-based news article fromĀ Digitimes is true. The Wii U as we know is a failed console and if Nintendo truly wants its next gen console to do well then they will have to bring a product that will make the Playstation 4 & Xbox One look like a joke. Nintendo is already behind the curve as it is and with the Nintendo NX releasing two years or so after the PS4 & XOne the console will be irrelevant like the Wii U if its anything less than spectacular. We will be sure to keep everyone updated as more news comes up. Let us know in the comment section below on what you guys want from Nintendo’s next gen console.

-Ace of All Trades

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