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Published July 29, 2019

Even though DragonBall FighterZ isn’t the most popular fighting game in the land, it still generates a lot of hype in major FGC tournaments. Bandai continues to try and change the meta with new DLC characters, and according to a Nintendo UK leak, Janemba will be the next character to join the roster.

Also with the character reveal, Janemba will have 5 different colors to choose from, a Janemba avatar, and a Z stamp. So far the Nintendo UK leaks have been legit, so it would only be a matter of time before Bandai gives us the video breakdown of Janemba. Are you excited to play Janemba hopefully soon?

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  1. Janemba was leaked months ago I thought?

    • utxjgthedon

      Yeah it did, but this one is more detailed which makes it more legit

  2. They’re gonna fuck it up and give us fat Janemba

  3. @UTxJGTheDon First xbox, now nintendo? Crazy

  4. @UTxJGTheDon Man, I sure hope we get to hear more about it at E3 next month!

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