Nintendo Leaked The Next Dragonball FighterZ Character Janemba?

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  1. Jesse Low Jesse Low says:

    Janemba was leaked months ago I thought?

    1. utxjgthedon says:

      Yeah it did, but this one is more detailed which makes it more legit

  2. Tony Curtiss Tony Curtiss says:

    Striking while the irons ice cold, lmao.

  3. Ha Xbox accidentally “leaked” it ages ago

  4. Eddie Acosta Eddie Acosta says:

    They’re gonna fuck it up and give us fat Janemba

  5. Cursed Cursed says:

    @UTxJGTheDon First xbox, now nintendo? Crazy

  6. TCisToxic TCisToxic says:

    @UTxJGTheDon Man, I sure hope we get to hear more about it at E3 next month!

  7. Paris Dugan Paris Dugan says:

    Damn forgot all about this game

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