Nintendo Explains The Switch’s Voice Chat App

  • So Nintendo is charging for online and charging for an app to do what players should be able to do without a smartphone?

    • Shawn G.

      Based on what TBH stated in the update, no. The app comes with the online service fee.

  • Gus StGermain

    Nintendo is turning Hollywood on us

  • that’s so bad!

  • LL

    lol nintendo charging for online

    better be cheaper than psn/xbl because god knows it’s gonna be garbage

  • I understand having the app for on the go I really do but for you to still need it when you are at home is absolutely asinine. You could voice chat on the PS2 for crying out loud but a Nintendo console in 2017 can’t even do it smh

  • Shawn G.

    I actually think Nintendo new voice chat idea is pretty interesting and could add some convenience. It has the potential to let you use any headset you want (though, technically you already can), and you won’t have to worry about mics because the mic is your phone. Hopefully this app eliminates Nintendo’s bullshit friend code system. Who knows, maybe they could add an update to the app to where you could use your phone as a touchscreen in pace of the Switch’s when it’s docked.

  • Ltendo

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