Overkill’s The Walking Dead Has A New Trailer

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  1. Jacob Jones Jacob Jones says:

    No one asked for this

  2. Put us in a position of power instead of making us a tween girl this time

    1. Don’t you dare diss clementine

    1. Hopefully it’s not as trash as the other 2

  3.' BrokeGamers says:

    People still watch the Walking Dead?

    1.' Damon Ransom #Swavey says:

      I mean it’s still airing so yeah

  4.' Damon Ransom #Swavey says:

    This is not a new game, it was revealed like 2 or 3 years ago at E3 I believe.

  5. Jeremy White Jeremy White says:

    All I want is for it to be on PC in 60fps, and for it to be a mix between Dying Light, and DayZ. Perfect zombie game recipe.

  6. Remember survival instinct? Lol the other ones are just plain boring due to the fact that it’s mostly just walking around and pressing buttons at the right time to win. Survival instinct was bad because it was both boring and hardly playable.

  7. PΔRIS says:

    I actually don’t mind another zombie game. Plus the protagonist is black so that’s pretty lit.

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