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Published May 25, 2016

Epic games just released their latest patch for Paragon. The patch focuses on tank balance, crit changes. Also included in this patch is player ratings and new skins, another cool thing Epic added was the ability too preview the new skins. If you want to play with the new skins they will set you back 500 coins. If you want to read up more on the balance changes for the heroes click here.

autumnfiresparrow_600x800-min-600x800-1598884014 energizeddekker_600x800-min-600x800-1455662131 wastelandrampage_600x800-min-600x800-1965840887 warchiefgrux_600x800-min-600x800-1147478574 sepiamuriel_600x800-min-600x800-1819250380 guerrillagadget_600x800-min-600x800-1421258993



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