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Published January 19, 2016

Medabots was one of my favorite shows coming up as a kid. I’m not sure how well this anime would hold up if I went back and watched today, but that doesn’t change the fact that Metabee is a savage!

I always wished a Medabots video game was released, but nothing ever released (at least to my knowledge). All that changes today! There’s a Medabots game coming to the Nintendo 3DS called Medabots: Girls Mission. It will launch with two versions that’ll each have their own exclusive characters similar to Pokemon.

According to our source, this game is set to launch in Japan on March 10th with no mention of a western release date. So you know what that means right? Let’s get to begging because I want to play it & I’m sure you do too! If you wish to play something clearly inspired by Medabots, then check out my one minute review of LBX: Little Battlers Experience.

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