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Published November 24, 2015

Us Mass Effect fans have been scratching our necks like Tyrone Biggums since the latest Mass Effect title was dubbed Andromeda and not four. That was way back in June during E3. Since then Bioware has been completely silent on what we should expect from this title. They operate entirely differently from Ubisoft and other devs/publishers. It’s almost like they want to leave some surprises for E3 2016.

That didn’t stop these latest rumors from leaking, though. Someone appeared on Reddit claiming to have access to a build of the game and leaked some details. Youtuber AntarcticWildlife made a video breaking it all down but in case you don’t have time to watch it I took notes. I left out some small details, but I got the gist of it. Keep in mind that none of this is confirmed. These are all rumors.

  • The game will be squad based
  • One teammate will be human female & the other Krogan
  • All teammates will have jetpacks used to explore environments in-depth
  • Omni-tool will be used more overall including combat
  • Graphics and face models will be fantastic
  • Destructible cover + a possibility for all environments
  • Character customization will be deep like previous titles
  • The protagonist is referred to as the “The Path Finder” because they’re searching for a new home for the human race.
  • You’ll be able to fly the ship
  • There’s a new enemy type that drops into combat with Cerberus drop ships (Is Cerberus back?!?!)
  • The main villain is human?!?!

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