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Published April 30, 2015

Hitting the interwebs recently were new images of Batman from the much anticipated Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice film.

Courtesy of Screenrant, here is a closeup of Ben Affleck as Chinman. I mean Batfleck! No, I mean Batman!

(Click to make bigger)
(Click to make bigger)

Holy chin, Batman! And look at that 5 o’clock shadow! Oh my!

Courtesy of JPosters, we also have a great look at Batman’s full costume/Batsuit. You can definitely get an old-school vibe from this costume. This is obviously inspired by Frank Miller’s Dark Knight Returns comics.

(Click to make bigger)
(Click to make bigger)

What do you make of this costume? Is it better than the image of Jared Leto’s Joker that was released earlier? Drop a comment below!

Click HERE to view the trailer for the upcoming film.

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