New My Hero Academia Game Announced For PS4 & Switch

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  1.' Damon Ransom #Swavey says:

    I’m holding off on the excitement after I’ve seen that trash Seven Deadly Sins made and the recently announced full metal panic

  2. Josh
    Now if you tell Koko you’re gonna ruin your own life

    1. Josh Brown Josh Brown says:

      I just hope this isn’t a narudoe storm clone

  3. Kevin Mario Metz Paul Blau

    1. think your gonna pick it up ?

  4. Nathaniel Tyrone Foster

  5. Hunter Smith Hunter Smith says:

    Lance Cornelius mega hyyyppppeeeeee

    1. Yeah, I’m so excited for it. I hope it turns out really good

  6. Hahahahah
    Bet you’re regretting getting an Xbox now Michael Betteridge

    1. Nah i also need a switch for breath of the wild lol

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