New Dragonball Series Called Dragonball Super Announced

  • Le Gasp

    Honestly as a DBZ fan from the very first day they showed it i loved it, despite GT being a flop i at least gave it a try for about 10+ episodes, so i will give DB Super a try to.

  • DG

    I kind of wish they hadn’t brought Dragonball back, just like the games. I feel like they’re just milking the franchise at this point. Sometimes you just have to move on. I’ll still give this series a try, but I hope I won’t be disappointed.

    • saintsavon

      I could say the same about Pokemon something that should’ve stopped a long time ago but they keep milking it

      • Julian Zevenz Joyner

        As long as they make Pokemon games, they have to make the show

        • saintsavon

          I agree on that but wouldn’t you agree pokemon has reached its point lol

          • Childish Corbino

            DBZ can be replace in all honest at least game wise i dont see anything replacing pokemon

          • Randell Roberts

            well all know digimon was suppose to be the replacement of pokemon, see how well that worked out.

  • tydadynamite

    Eh was gonna try to rewatch the series anyway. Might as well check it out too.

  • Julian Zevenz Joyner

    All I know is, when it drops, after all the trailer build up and nostalgia hype, its gonna flop, but for those who have been die hard fans since day one they’re still gonna support it like a beaten housewife. It’s gonna be just as convoluted as Revival of F and Battle of Gods.

  • Contractor

    For once can the side characters be helpful

  • Basedgold

    Im going to wait for the dubbed version. Dbz in subs is booty

    • nicolas oakley

      then shame on you ya hater

    • asd

      True, but man Idk if I could wait that long lol.

  • Kenternal Memory

    but if its after Buu saga why would they call it X? lol i know you’re making some joke but it’s goin over my head lmao

  • Jonathan

    thats dope I hope they take into consideration the fact that dragonball fans are now grown and dont want lame ass childish shit like GT

  • imHalfy2222

    Boy I can’t wait but that name is corny

  • ZigZag

    YES YES YES! Buu saga was my FAVORITE, gonna re-watch it soon. Can’t wait for this show

  • Jared

    A new series? maybe krillin and yamcha will actually be useful

    • Krillin was useful to some the degree but being a human has limitations. is but Yamcha on the other hand NO. Krillin killed 5 saibamen, help defeat vegeta, fought in names, reason for Goku to transform(lol he died), held off imperfect cell and helped gohan finish perfect cell. Remember he’s human. Yamcha on the other hand just literally gets defeated and offers no support.

  • jjamesonthekid

    I’m really looking forward to this and hope it’s dubbed as soon as possible. I found out Naruto was on Netflix and I’ve been watching that nonstop. The same needs to happen to DBZ.