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Published April 29, 2015

A wise weeaboo once told me that when Japan’s economy is on life alert when they then drop some new Dragonball material whether it be a non cannon film or a show to boost their economy.

With the announcement of Dragonball Super it makes me wonder. Jokes aside; a new Dragonball series is on the way that will be cannon according to our sources.

The shows original creator Akira Toriyama will be heading the project. Dragonball Super is reported to take place 3 years after the Buu saga. Translation: Dragonball GT didn’t happen *throws bat smoke*

The show is slated for release in July in Japan. I’d imagine a subbed version will follow soon after, then the dubbed version.

So who’s excited for more Dragonball? Or has your anime taste evolved since the days of your youth? Let us know in the comments below.

I just wished they called it Dragonball X which would lead to Dragonball Y and then Z. See what I did there?


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