New Character & New Info On Sarada Uchiha

  • SaviorOfTheWorld

    Not this BS rumor.1) Why would official books, interviews, movie promotion of Boruto and Masashi himself list Sarada as Sakura’s daughter if she was actually Karin’s child. 2) WTF is possessing the community into thinking that the frame of someone’s glasses is a genetic trait. You buy glasses in a store, they don’t come in the womb attached to a child’s face. “Omg Sarada has glasses, so does Karin. They must be related..” – Fail Logic.

    • Pkernaruto6

      Not much of a bs rumor, since Karin was hidden in the picture Sarada found. And Sakura’s reaction to it all was suspicious. It’s a rumor for a reason lol it was written like that. But idk why I care, Naruto has been a big disappointment to me for a while now.

    • Iyokuu

      Probably because Sarada doesn’t look anything like Sakura, but a lot more like Karin even without the glasses. Just matching up genetics

      • SaviorOfTheWorld

        What do you mean she doesn’t look like Sakura. Almost everyone in Naruto has the same face.

    • Wrath

      Try not to sound too stupid in your next comment..oh wait you did

      • SaviorOfTheWorld

        I sound stupid? As opposed to the people who think the “proof” of parenthood is in the design of one’s glasses? Convince me that Sarada is Karin’s child. You guys say they look alike so tell me exactly what trait does Sarada share with Karin that can’t be seen in Sakura?

        • SaviorOfTheWorld

          I’ll wait…

  • she looks like Karin in the face, chances are, its her child

  • Ludwig Larcher

    i believe she wears glasses because she can’t handle her eye powers yet. She’s the first uchiha with glasses so i believe it has something to do with that. Assuming the genetics work like dbz, she has inherited both sharigan and rinnegan hence fucked up eyes until you can put chakra in them.

    • meliodafool_

      Nah. Remember, the sage of six paths didn’t inherit a rinnegan. He got a sharringan. Plus, sasuke wasnt born with his rinnegan,so it wouldn’t be in his genetics.

      • Ludwig Larcher

        yeah he didn’t inherit it, but i believe it’s in his blood at the moment since he was “touched” by the elder. however we will know soon enough, chapter been out for a couple hours if you didnt know

  • Kidd Pops

    Kishi only made it seem like Karins her mother to cause a little excitement

  • Kakashi’s Mole

    Well all I have to say about Sarada being Karin’s daughter is:
    Why does Kakashi without his mask look like Obito with a different hair style and a mole? Dat don’t make Kakashi an Uchiha.