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Published May 2, 2015

There’s been a brief announcement including a brand new character that appeared in the 3rd part of the Naruto manga that seems to be a white-haired, yellow-eyed boy sitting next to Naruto’s son, Boruto. Our initial thoughts were it was just a random classmate, but it seems that will be far from the case!

In Japan, a Naruto exhibition event officially opened its doors to the public. The ones who attended received a guestbook by the name of Shinden Fu no Sho. One of the reveals from the guestbook is Kakashi’s wonderful face.

Another is the name of the white-haired, yellow-eyed boy in Naruto: The Seventh Hokage and the Scarlet Spring – it’s Mitsuki, which means “full moon”.  Pretty interesting. Mitsuki will be added to Boruto, and Sarada’s team which seems to be lead by Sasuke Uchiha based on Boruto the movie .

He is described in the guestbook as “an enigma shrouded in many mysteries”. A boy with composed expression… His slightly-long white hair has a waviness to it. That’s all that was attended about the mysterious boy that made it’s appearance in the 3rd part of the Naruto manga.

Rumors are starting to spread around the Naruto community. Everyone is wondering if Sarada Uchiha is Karin’s daughter or Sakura’s. We might have to wait a few more chapters to find out.

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