New Assassin’s Creed To Be Revealed May 12th

  • tydadynamite

    I’m prepared for disappointment. Let’s see how this goes.

  • Botchtastic .

    Woah, does the new dude have a got damn pimp cain? I’m sold.

    • ProEra 47

      yeah man, straight up flexin.

  • MF DecepticonSwag

    I’m looking forward to MWN reaction to the reveal, if it’s trash again I’m sure we can expect a rant like he did for call of duty lol

  • imHalfy2222

    Noo one year thats all I’m asking one year without an Assassins creed,

  • Lil Duck, Big Dick #BlvckSquad

    I doubt it can be any worse than the two pieces of shit we got last year. I’m eager to see Victory; it’s developed by a pretty good Ubisoft studio anyhow.

  • DougieD22

    Last two games as in Rogue and Unity? Or is 4 in there? Cuz 4 was awesome.

    • DMG-dubp

      I agree, AC4 is my favorite out of the franchise.

  • casjwell

    The new AC will feature bitch slaps and pimp walks CONFIRMED.

  • Payton McDowell

    Inb4 mwn is starting to sound like angry joe

  • Sir Sev

    I wish that Ubisoft would do the think that CoD is doing with the whole “switch between studios every year so that each game can have more development time” thing.

  • Didn’t we just get a new Assassin Creed? Fuck!!!

  • S

    I don’t know why you hate 4 so much. To me it was one of the best in the franchise. The ending almost had me in tears tbh. Still respect your opinion though, just giving mine.