New Assassin’s Creed Details Leak Ahead of Official Reveal

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  • imHalfy2222


  • Charlie Owens

    If there’s no sailing, I’ll think about getting this one.

  • Stefan Lipka

    Ubishill is never going to get the formula right again. The last game with the right formular was AC: Revelations.

    Ubisoft never takes a step back and considers: “What can we do to set this game apart from the previous ones?” or “Let’s get some costumer feedback, and perhaps wait MORE than a year before we release the next game”
    When the franchise really started to gain some traction, Ubisoft started putting several games in development at the same time.
    All of the AC games we get now, are games that started development in 2009/2010-2011.
    When all of these games start the same place, and at the same time, it’s obvious there’re going to be similar problems shared between the games.

    The new Assassin’s Creed game, “Syndicate”, is going to be like Unity. A game that will share Unity’s glitches and core mechanic failures.
    A b-e-a-UTIFUL city, but a city with no soul.
    And a game packed with the kind of content that you’ll go: “Naah, I don’t really want to do that”.
    The last proflem, especially, is an increasingly big problem with the Assassin’s Creed games. I used to want to see everything and complete everything in the old games. But not in the new games.
    Because Ubisoft doesn’t care. Why should it? The franchise is doing extremely well, despite all of the critique.

    But all of this is just guesswork. One thing is for sure, though. I won’t fucking preorder the new game.

  • Lil Duck, Big Dick #BlvckSquad

    You see, Ubisoft can potentially make a good game here, but it definitely won’t make for a good Assassin’s Creed title. What the hell is shit?

  • steelers

    As long as I can have my dual hidden blades and a pimp cane im all in