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Published July 16, 2015

Zachary Levi of IGN recently got to play Star Wars Battlefront during a Nerd HQ livestream. The 20 minutes of gameplay shows off a 20 vs. 20 fight between the Rebels and the Empire on Hoth. The game mode is called Walker Assault and the AT-AT Walkers play a huge role in the fight. This certainly isn’t the best gameplay, but if you’re curious to see how the game actually plays (and the many ways you can die) then it’s worth a watch. Unfortunately, he didn’t get to see any “hero” gameplay, like Luke Skywalker.

Star Wars Battlefront will release on November 17, 2015 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Just an FYI — the match ends around the 20:30 mark and the rest of the video is just a black screen.

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