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Published July 14, 2015

Until Dawn is an upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive arriving August 25, 2015. If this game is on your radar, then below are a couple of videos you might be interested in. The first is ten minutes of gameplay courtesy of Polygon and the second is a preview video from Gamespot.

Until Dawn is a slasher horror game that lets the player make decisions. Each character’s fate is in the player’s hands as the butterfly effect system makes is so that each decision made influences the rest of the game and, ultimately, who survives. You can finish the game with no one surviving, everyone surviving, or anywhere in between. Gameplay seems inspired by Telltale games with a fixed camera, limited movement, lots of Quick Time Events being used, and the story being controlled by the player.

The game looks interesting, but I wonder if it’ll be worth its $60 price tag. What do you think? Drop a comment below!


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