New 10 Minutes of Until Dawn Gameplay + New Details

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  1.' Joshua Green (Phanotmdrive) says:

    White people in a horror movie the video game

  2.' BurloBrando says:

    Well I immediately got an Alan Wake/TellTale Game feel from this, I would definitely pay 60 bucks depending on how much there is of the actual gameplay. If these fools ask for 60 an episode then I’m burning them at the stake. Other that it would be cool to pretty much play a character from the Evil Dead which is also what the game reminds me of

    1. austin95 says:

      I’ve watched a lot of gameplay videos for this and it’s basically like a Telltale game. You walk around a bit (with a fixed camera), pick up objects, and do QTEs. You use the thumbstick to point to what decision you want to make — a line of dialogue, what route to take, etc.
      The devs have said it’s about a nine hour campaign with a lot of replay value.

      1.' BurloBrando says:

        That means I’ll probably definitely pick up this game and maybe do a video on it. I just absolutely love these types of games, I know I am at times in the minority

  3.' real nigga chit says:

    Already got it pretty ordered

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