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Published August 22, 2015

Daredevil is one of the best shows, scratch that! It’s one of the best pieces of media to drop in 2015. They really took their time developing the character which I can appreciate. So much time that Matt doesn’t actually dawn the suite until the final episode.

One of the few complaints I heard up about the show before I had finished was that Daredevil’s costume was a little cheesy. People in the forums and Twitter were saying it was less Daredevil and more Power Ranger. Upon completing the series I nodded my head and agreed. The costume wasn’t terrible, but he did look like a Power Ranger.

I think Netflix has heard the peoples criticism and is taking the proper measures. They took their official Twitter yesterday to tease what appears to be an updated Daredevil costume. Hooray for listening to the consumers!

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