Netflix Plans to Produce Anime in the Future

  • Walter Hach

    Ninja scroll is the best anime ever !!!!

    • De’Angelo Moore

      Watch one punch man not on netflix but hilarious

    • casjwell

      I like the movie but the show was ight.

    • Christian David Emery

      I agree with this dude ^ 1PM is dope.

  • Vlerson Fejzullahu


  • Jaime Delgado

    Luis Gonz

  • Vanessa Carreazo

    Nick Aponte

  • Rashaad Siddick


  • Ducked Up ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    Yeeeeeeah… I’ll keep my expectations low for whatever they’ve got planned there…

    • Hunter Berial Morgan

      They already produced an anime. It’s called Knights of Sidonia and it was kickass.

      • Ducked Up ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

        Man I heard that shit was terrible but I never checked it myself. Definitely going to watch it.

  • Stephen Reynolds

    The fuck. Who cares about anime in Netflix??? You can watch that shit anywhere. How about adding more tv shows and movies. We’ve been watching the same shit all year.

    • Caleb BRyce Nathaniel Denman

      You can watch them t.v. shows and movies anywhere to! So bashing anime just because you can watch it on another site is dumb. Just because you can watch pirate illegally downloaded anime on different sites. Doesen’t mean Netflix shouldn’t create a new anime, for a large audience. You probably the type of dude that watches shows like Scandal, Empire, & Power. Which perpetuate the steryotype that the only way to for black people to make it is by singing/rappin, being a slut, or selling drugs. Look at Orange is the new black. It one of the most popular shows and it was created by netflix. So im sure any anime Netflix would be better than that shit.

    • Alex Solano

      lol so true netflix isn’t the only site, don’t like it? search anywhere else

    • Stephen Reynolds

      Lmao bro take it down. No ones trying to fuck your mom or anything. The time and money spent on anime could be better used for other tv shows and movies. Netflix has not yet updated there selection to the point that it’s noticeable or even enjoyable. The same shit has been on that “New Arrival” list for a very long time. In my opinion anime is much better viewed on one of the many anime websites or apps. Like outakucenter or crunchyroll. So why not let these other anime based companies handle that….now that I gave you my opinion. BITCH the Netflix selection of anime sucks dick. If your that into anime I’m sure your not watching it on Netflix. Bitch Niggas like you love to pick fights for no reason smh. “And I Would Like To Fuck Your Mom”

    • Caleb BRyce Nathaniel Denman

      Nobody got butthurt but you. But I guess being butthurt runs in your family conidering your grandpa was gay. And you mom takes it in the ass. Thats how you were born right? You piece of shit lmfao. Your mom met your dad off of backpage

    • Tony Jokinen

      Adding anime IS adding more tv-series and movies.. /)_-

    • Eric Ortiz

      Lol right tony. Anime is better than half the shit on Netflix anyway lol

    • Stephen Reynolds

      Lmao that’s a good one. But be real. Netflix sucks when it comes to anime. All the shows they have are old and most were never even popular when they first came out….Now if Netflix Is willing to buy some rights and start completing the story lines that are in the manga…that would be AMAZING. animes like Gantz ended prematurely. Bleach ended prematurely. Guyver ended prematurely. Etc.

    • Randall Jay

      Hes right tho plus we can watch it for free and as soon as it comes out to lol

    • Da’raius Decimus Maximus Wooden

      You people realize anime is the next big thing? The super hero era is own its way out..

    • Chris Rogers

      A lot of people actually.

    • Stephen Reynolds

      So your telling me that Netflix is your prime anime watching service. Lls I doubt that

    • Tarek Rayan

      Guys guys, just Netflix n chill

  • Nikio Starks

    they already have tho…

    • Piyush Patil

      “Produce “?

    • Nikio Starks

      they have some original series yea

    • Juan Carlos Rivera

      Knights of sidona its pretty good

  • Anonymous

    Hopefully it’s better than that piece of shit Knights of sidonia. God damn that was shit.

    • Eric Ortiz

      Have you seen seven deadly sins

    • Pavel Varela

      Hell yeah, that show was pretty cool

  • Nick Suave


  • Jakobie Samples

    Get Martin On Netflix Then Worry About This Bull Shit ?

  • Tremel Freeman

    Davell NoDizzy Frazier

  • Greg Egu

    Didn’t they already do knights of sidonia?

    • idiot482

      no, they didn’t make that, they just bought the rights to show it.

  • Dietrich Douglas

    Wait so they’re gonna make their own anime?… Well…

  • Min Erik


  • Jimmy Salazar

    For freak sake bring back sekirei my bride is a mermaid and high school of the dead even a bojack season 3

  • Facundo Cumini

    Nicolas Rossi

    • Nicolas Rossi

      ya produjo un anime el primero fue Knights of Sidonia.

    • Nicolas Rossi

      de hecho dicen que fue muy bueno no lo he visto aun

  • Saturin Makaveli Thomas

    Maurice Tyrone Freeman produce a show!

  • Devyn Torrance

    Finally get to binge watch my favorite anime. Corey in the House.

    • Jared Kinter

      Trolling Level: Over 9000

  • Nathan Angeles

    …and chill?

  • Austin Garcia


    • Shahad Shelomoh


  • Eric L McKinney-Hill

    Produce as in make their own?

  • @Mr_iKeepitreal GGs crunchyroll.

  • @Mr_iKeepitreal You mean cartoons? Anime is Japanese.

  • Netflix hasn’t let me down yet

  • @Mr_iKeepitreal they already have a couple animes in their name out

  • Kiki Glover

    they already did this tho

  • Victor Rafter

    Need more up to date anime

    • Eric Ortiz

      They have a good chunk

    • James Jackson Jr.

      Crunchy roll adds new anime every day and if it is a new series the new episode is uploaded 1 hour after airing I’m Japan better than Netflix since it takes them months to add 1 episode crunchy roll is way better the funimation app is also better than Netflix

  • Michael Malikhai

    Kek, then the weebs will be butthurt little bitches about there being “American Anime”

    • Michael Smith

      Lmfao true

  • Qualin Dickson

    Rurouni Kenshin. Enough said.

  • Michael Fletcher Joens

    Kollin Purvis

  • Michael Fletcher Joens

    Robert Thompson

    • Robert Thompson

      Produce anime? Eh..good luck with that lol. It’s really hard for any non japanese studios to produce anime and make it.

    • Robert Thompson

      Them japs have anime on point

    • Eric Ortiz

      They fund companies to make it.

  • Dennis McFarland

    Quentin Harris

    • Quentin Harris

      Yeah this has been news since they produced Knights of Sidonia

  • Kikko L Logan

    Nicholas Williams

  • Samuel Laguerre

    Ashnel Jean-Mary Michael Jean-Baskin

  • Darren Harris Dos

    Brandon Williamson

  • Christian Badgett

    Samurai champloo,naruto,death note and fma brotherhood

    • Danny Lopez

      How’s Samurai Champloo?

    • Christian Badgett

      Its awwsome imo

    • Christian Badgett

      Danny Lopez mugen is my favorite

    • Alex Strozier III

      No they mean like they are going to make anime. The shows with the “Netflix Original” signs

    • Christian Badgett

      Ik Alex Strozier III I was just naming the shows on the pic

  • Jonathan Efrain Torres

    Emelyn Rivera

  • Mr.Sage

    Naw I’m sticking with hulu plus for anime

  • Kevin León

    I thought they made knights of sidonia?

    • Akio Fudou

      They didn’t “make” it they just bought the rights to it.

  • Dre Day

    Thank frank!

  • Braydon Treitl

  • Ethan Warren

    more of the 7 deadly sin’s would be col

    • Christian David Emery

      The manga is long as hell

    • Ethan Warren

      where can i find it?

    • Eric Ortiz

      Barnes and Noble or EBay.

  • Devante’ Harris

    They produced House of Cards and many other great originals. I’m excited to see what quality of anime they can create.

  • Petty P. Pendergrass

    Patrick Worthy

  • Alejandro Jose Ayala

    Jazmin Bernal u were talking about this right

    • Jazmin Bernal

      Yep xD kinda looking forward to it see what they come up with

  • Dominic Slav

    Enrico Topkek Berkay Yilmaz MAD?

    • Berkay Yilmaz

      Commit sudoku

  • Alejandro Gomez

    Tokyo ghoul!

  • Deante Graham

    They recently added one called “the seven deadly sins “

  • Tae Keyonte

    Really? Jonathan Shealey Chan Stevenson Shawntel Vanhook Rodney Scott

  • Greg Porter

    Karl Terrell Thomas

  • Connor StandingGhost Burt

    Danni Stark

  • Jon Caine

    Carl Graham

    • Jon Caine

      Omar Abdallah

  • Abdul Aleem

    Fucken bring Hannibal on it already!
    We already have enough of anime elsewhere…

  • Uli Villa

    Lorena Natali Hernandez

  • Patrick Goodberry

    Dennis Jr Smith Jacob Frizzell Kendell Green

  • Xavier Thomas

    Travolta Taylor

  • Samuel Gomez

    Please no do not want.

  • Clemintine Walker


  • Brockman Dustin

    Keshahna Lashi Hasan Kendal Nolen Denzale Williams

  • Alonso Lara

    I need english on some animes

    • Manuel Martinez

      Subs you pleb

      • Axel Himura

        Fuck subs learn Japanese scrub

  • Chase Appleton

    We don’t need anymore fucking anime it’s dumb

  • Omar Rodriguez

    Edgar Rodriguez

  • Karl Terrell Thomas

    #AnimeTakeover on Netflix. Let’s get it! Add Blood-C, A Certain Magical Index, Baka and Test, and there is so many more. Anime is amazing asf, no doubt.

    • Jared Kinter

      Baka & Test has already been on Netflix before

    • Karl Terrell Thomas

      Oh. I got on Netflix about 3 weeks. I guess it was on there awhile back

  • Karl Terrell Thomas

    Lol at all them people throwing shade at Anime for no reason.

  • James Jackson Jr.

    Crunchy roll and funimation are better than Netflix

    • Shoiko

      Funimation is the devil!

      • I don’t like much of Funimation’s line-up actually.

        • I used to have a Netflix until they ran out of good anime and what little they were trickle feeding into the market was just not enough to justify the subscription fee. I pay annually for Crunchyroll because they have JUST BARELY enough anime that I like, and they are running HUNDREDS of titles and picking up maybe 30 new titles a season?

  • Brandon Pilgrim

    Hell yes. Finally, something on Netflix worth watching 🙂 They have a few good animes on it already, but it wouldn’t hurt to add more; Honestly this is a very smart move on Netflix’s part, helps reach a wider demographic.

  • Thad Perkins

    They already started with Knights of Sidonia

  • Fernando Sebastian Garcia

    Ailec Jae

  • Juiceadams88

    Hey Netflix!!!! Produce the second season of “Claymore”!!!!

  • Christopher Styles Bell

    Yes yes yes

  • Melissa Glasscock

    So… Knights of Sedonia isn’t anime?! Netflix made that, two seasons of it, so far.

    • Marcus Harris


  • Xay Stover

    They already produced anime

  • Carl Watkins


  • Chanse Smith


  • Christian Blake Freeman

    All the bleach seasons

  • Vash

    No, they did NOT create Knights of Sidonia or Seven Deadly Sins. They only have the exclusive streaming rights. This is talking about them actually creating an anime from the ground.

    • David Coplon

      usually the words saying its by netflix, means it is by netflix.

  • Rebecca Rae Olds

    Please, make a godchild anime Netflix. That would be awesome.

  • Adrian Rodriguez

    Hopefully in English

  • Sydney Beke


  • I came lookin for booty

    Sounds great but sadly I don’t got Netflix…. Yet but while I’m here why the Fuck does everyone look like a Strom trooper on the comments did I miss a memo or something?

  • Ty Summers

    Showbox been had anime

  • Alex Strozier III

    They have already started that. They make knights of Sedonia WHICH IS AMAZING SO FAR. And The Seven deadly sins even if they based it off the manga.

    • Akio Fudou

      They didn’t make either of those. What they did was buy the rights to them those anome already existed. I think what they meant was they want to make their own anime.

  • Ed Jones

    Ian Jones !!!!!

  • James Schapiro

    Tyler Levin

    • Tyler Levin


  • Chris Beam

    I watched one of Netflixes animes called 7 Deadly Sins it was pretty awesome

    • Jared Kinter

      I just started watching that the other day myself

    • Chris Beam

      The pig is hilarious and I love him

  • Steven Stratton

    Netflix. Same fucking shit on it all the time! Add new stuff assholes.

  • Rahul Yadala

    Tharanath Rai

  • it sure would help them

  • Colby Lanham

    ??? Jonathan Rogers

    • Jonathan Rogers

      ?? going to be legit.

  • Black Curtis Grant Profitt

    Hulu is better than all three combined(Netflix, crunchyroll and funimation

  • Damian McMillan

    He’ll yeah!!! All my friends are watching Seven Deadly Sins right now.

  • Sabastian Cbas Hill

    Brooke Hardin

  • Fernando Santiago

    Tryphosa Taylor O.O Netflix life

  • Cody Booker

    Warren Lamb

  • Godricide


  • Payton McDowell

    This could be a good thing, even though I don’t have Netflix, but they have to be careful in not producing universally trash anime by hiring bad writers/voice actors/ etc. I see some potential if Netflix carries on with this.

    To all the anime bashers in the comments: having more anime on a site that has thousands of live-action shows, movies, etc Will not affect that content. For God’s sake, expand your horizons.

    • Ney Congjuico

      If they can come up with amazing shows like House of Cards then I hope they can do the same for anime. There’s this notion that anime is for kids but I hope they don’t go that route. There’s so much more to anime than that it’s a kids thing.

      • Payton McDowell

        Im sure that Netflix knows that anime isn’t just a kids thing.

  • Ezra Emordi

    Usama Ricardo Ahmed mighty be time to send them the idea you’ve been working on

  • Byron Brack


  • Ashley Sherwood

    why don’t they try to improve what they have first…. they have some Anime now why not work on getting the english version of those frist!

  • Jay Sinatra

    Martin Hughes John Cardeezie

    • John Cardeezie

      That’s crazy

  • Lamar Vfor Vibes

    Seven Deadly Sins and Knights of Sedonia are dope, so they should KEEP producing it 😉

    • Linlin


  • Sergio Holt

    they already did narutos on there

    • Wrath

      They didnt make naruto……..THEY’RE TRYING TO MAKE ANIME.

  • Wrath

    People that dont understand the difference between them buying the rights to show the anime and MAKING THE ANIME HERE IN AMERICA need to shut up.

  • Brandon Lee

    He basically said there hopeful to make a great verity of shows not anime what the hell I got all excited for nothing

  • theman92

    Netflex already has enough garbage as it is, it doesn’t need anymore

  • Joanna Ki

    if they creat it, it wont be anime, it will be cartoon. and if they buy the rights to be able to show them, it wont be “created anime” , it will be what funimation and crunchyroll , nothing less nothing more. i call bullshit to this interview, nothing new learned

  • Produce MY anime PLEASE!!!