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Published August 2, 2017

I love when Netflix gets a new anime, but I hate when that anime is 3D CGI. I find it to be one of the laziest forms of animation for anime, it’s not appealing what so ever, and even visually hard to watch such as the anime Ajin. Ignoring my own personal preferences I’m still happy to share with you that Sword Gai is a new anime coming to Netflix based off the manga of the same name. The anime is set to air sometime in spring 2018. Sword Gai is a dark action fantasy, where a sword-smith finds a baby next to a dead woman in the forest and adopts him. That baby is Gai. Then a few years later Gai loses his arm in an accident and his adopted father, Amon, had the great and very sensible idea of turning a demonic sword into an artificial arm for Gai. The title, “Sword Gai”, now seems very basic now. Anyway, Gai must now master his demonic arm sword and kill bad guys.

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