Need An Excuse To Upgrade Your GPU? How About A Free Copy Of Arkham Knight & The Witcher 3?

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  1.' Sean Walsh says:

    Pfft who needs that when I have an empty wallet and an imagination that has been eroded by constant consuming of media. Actually seems like I have the shitty end of the deal nevermind

  2.' Wrath says:

    Depends on how much it is

  3.' Childish Corbino says:

    I litterally just bought a 970 a month ago

    1.' Nabilety says:

      Yeah, I bought a 980 about a month ago as well – I still got my Witcher 3 coupon/code, but still… Try contact your retailer and see if they can hook you up, sometimes they do, mines were too greedy though.

  4. Jonathan says:

    dam lemme get one real quick

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