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Published July 27, 2018

Last year EA not only had a regular NBA video game but also had the WNBA with a complete roster for you to play in Exhibition. This year for NBA Live 19, from the first screenshots we could see there were female ballers in the street league. This lead people to speculate what EA had in store for the other side of the game. For years I can’t think of one simulation NBA game where you could create female players. Believe it or not, there are women who are good at simulation basketball games (maybe even better than you), but they have been forced to play with male players if they wanted to customize.

Today EA Sports announced with Candace Parker that FINALLY, you will be able to create a male or female create-a-player for NBA Live 19. Regardless of how you may feel about NBA Live compared to 2K, this is monumental and might be the X-factor to bring more women over to the Live franchise. Check out the introduction to the female create-a-player below.



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