NBA Live 18 has the WNBA in Leaked Screenshot

  • Gabriel Brown

  • GiovanniDaG.O.A.T.🐐

    Im really hoping that this installment of Live is good. Its time for 2K to get some comp

  • Derek Hyppolite

    I’m really getting tired of 2k basketball. I want Live to make a comeback. Haven’t played live since 05.

  • Great another game nobody gonna get



  • Nightmare Eyes

    Hopefully that can silence some sports feminists.


    I honestly have more fun playing rocket league than 2K. Haven’t played it in months. I hope live gets it together. They’ve gotten way to greedy with the VC.

  • TiciTotyTony47

    I’m hoping Live is actually good we need serious competition for 2K so they can get their shit together….

  • smith jones

    Nopee!! Live is trash. That’s what EA gets for buying the nfl license