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Published September 18, 2015

With the release of another NBA 2K16 trailer it’s safe to say The 16th great basketball war is over before it really started. But even though 2K has buried EA this year doesn’t mean there isn’t some positive things coming from NBA Live 16. Live 16 has made some huge improvements compared to its predecessors and I am quite surprised. The Summer Circuit and Live Run modes are very fun and I enjoy playing the NBA Pro AM mode. The NBA Live Companion App was a really good idea and I am glad they decided to do this even after the delay of the application on iOS devices .Now I know people are still having issues and I hope EA continues to work with Google and Apple to resolve those problems. So everyone can have more of a positive experience.


But I wanted to show you what the app is truly capable of. Please note that everyone’s experience will be different and I am sharing my own experience. Be sure to be in a well lit area and keep your hands steady while scanning your face. Also check to make sure you have the correct EA Account linked to your system. In the above photo you can see the transition of a picture of myself , to the upload in the companion app to finally looking at myself in game. I used my iPhone 6 plus and the image is from my PlayStation 4. Below I will show you a video I recently uploaded of how to get your GameFaceHD from the app to your system. I will be getting both Live 16 and 2K16 and I am looking forward to playing both games. If you guys have any question or comments let us know below.

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