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Published August 26, 2016

NBA 2K17 released their new My Career prelude trailer today and it appears that they’ll be going back to the 2k10 combine format where players will be able to create their my player, train them and prep them for the NBA before the actual game is released.

Among some of the new features this game has to offer is the playstyles where you select from a template i.e. James Harden Offensive superstar build or a Klay Thompson 2-way superstar build, also there will be a different attribute cap format depending on what type of player you are. Example: if you are a Slasher SG then you will excel at driving to the basket and being a blur on the court, however, your shooting will not be nearly as good as a sharpshooter type SG and vice versa. Body type will also come into play this time around.

You will be able to access this prelude mode on September 9 (if you have the game pre ordered), one day after the MYnba2k companion app goes live for face scanning on your mobile devices.

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