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Published June 8, 2015

As most people already know, Spike Lee will be directing and writing the story for NBA 2K16. The main focus of this year’s edition is “My Story”. I am interested to see the direction and influence Spike Lee will have on the game. 2K is really pulling all the stops and continuing to bring big name people to help with the game. First with NBA 2K14 you had Jay Z produce , then NBA 2K15 where Pharrell Williams curated the sound track. With 2K16 it seems that Lee will have more control to be able to show his vision for “My Story” aspect of 2K16. If you notice on the 3 covers of 2K16 you see each player’s picture in their respective college jerseys. Check out the “Story is Everything” trailer below and lets us know in the comment section if you will be purchasing/preordering NBA 2K16.

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