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Published May 4, 2016

The sixth update for NBA 2k16 has recently released for the Playstation 4 addressing several issues and exploits. They are as follows:

Updated player portraits for a number of players
Tuned the effectiveness of long outlet passes with Break Starter Badge
Delay branching from Kobe Bryant back size up
Re-worked size up dribble launches to prevent unnatural explosive first step
Standing out of bounds will NOT reset 3 in the key

These updates haven’t come to XBOX One or PC yet but it’s a start. The speed boosting fix has many 2k players like myself happy but for those that can’t live without it are furious. Many of them have made YouTube videos ranting about the patch. 2k sports frontmen Ronnie2k and LD2k has finally done something other than turn the other cheek with an exploit this late in the game’s life cycle (i.e. 2k15 Demigod situation). Let’s hope that this is a step in the right direction for the series that has known to be one of the more negligent publishers to date and a community that has become extremely toxic over the past few years.


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