Naruto Is Getting A Live Action Film! Believe It!

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  • god no

  • thaelectricfeel

    Last live action anime I saw was AOT and it was 🔥🚽

  • @Mr_iKeepitreal Oh no…

  • @Mr_iKeepitreal NOOOOOOOO!!!

  • @Mr_iKeepitreal Tragic

  • Gus StGermain

    Are they ever going to realise live action interpretation whether that’s video games or anime always fail smh

  • Oh no

  • Outside the box

    It’s gonna be lit

  • They gonna fuck it up. Like dbz and avatar the last Airbender

  • David James

  • Rae Beaumont

  • If history behind video games and anime live action films gives you no doubts then you’re gonna have a bad time. Believe it!

  • @Castillademusic

  • Brian-anthony Smith

    This is sceptical but assassin creed is only trashed by the fake critics of rotten tomatoes and even their regular audience voted it decent.